Solving data
to enable precision

for all

To solve cancer, we need to solve data. Despite the abundance of cancer research data, translating this into precision medicine is challenging.


  • There are not enough robust biomarkers
  • The drug development pipeline —from biopharma and diagnostics to healthcare— fails to determine what question to ask and what to measure

Concr is a platform technology facilitating cross-talk between biopharma, diagnostic companies and healthcare providers through data.


Our unique astrophysics-based methodology allows iterative learning between multiple and disparate data sources throughout all stages of a drug journey into the clinic — from pre-clinical development to post-approval.


How is our technology differentiated from other companies?

Proven technology with decades of use in astrophysics

Integrating disparate data and tests from across the pipeline and different indications

Minimal data input per patient

Patient outcome-centred with added value explicitly calculated

Want to know more?


less pre-clinical data

less clinical trial data

Minimal data needed to make actionable predictions on biomarker response at early and pre-disease stages.

Enabling systematic contribution and democratised access to an outcome-based valuation of models (analytics) and data (assets) for stakeholders.

An oncologist, cosmologist and computer scientist walk into a bar…

We are a diverse group of world leaders and pioneers spanning three generations. We have been curated to answer the hardest questions in precision oncology translation and application.

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