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To revolutionise oncology drug development

ConcR is a biotech start-up answering the question “Will this cancer drug work?".

We have developed cutting edge products that enable us to provide accurate predictions of efficacy in preclinical and clinical drug development.

We’ve successfully secured a wide range of grants and partnerships with clinical trials organisations, pharmaceutical companies and research cosmologists to expand the capabilities of their products, in addition to raising pre-seed funding from DSV.

We're currently preparing for a seed round fundraise and looking to expand our core team, to enable us to execute our grants and prospective commercial contracts.

Our approach

Within personalised oncology, the volume of data per patient is the key limitation to effective prediction of patient outcome, commonly due to lack of time or funding.

Our major USP is our statistical modelling framework that addresses this issue. The model is generalisable across diverse patient datasets and completely agnostic to method of clinical assessment. In effect, any combination of clinical testing and providers of such tests can be chosen for each patient, pragmatically important as clinical and pharmaceutical stakeholders often are required to operate with specific providers.

Due to the generalisability of the approach, the volumes of data required are far less, shown to be one seventh and one one-hundredth in clinical and pre-clinical scenarios, respectively. This translates to highly significant cost and time savings for clinical practitioners and researchers designing clinical trials.

The role

ConcR is seeking a Business Development professional to join the core team, with experience in fundraising, clinical and pharmaceutical products, and with a keen attitude for learning new skills.

Main responsibilities:

  1. Formulating business strategy, engaging with investors and other entities to aid in the fundraise.

  2. Building relationships with biotech companies and CROs for preclinical projects as an initial point of validation and revenue-generating projects; 

  3. Clinical and pharmaceutical product launch preparation.

The role would be part-time with a competitive salary and equity package, and cash and equity bonuses for hitting success-based milestones.

The role is remote and starting ASAP.

How do I apply?

Send an email with your CV attached to

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