Concr announce Amber Johns' appointment as Translational Project Manager

21 Oct 2022

Cambridge, The United Kingdom, 21 October 2022

Concr announced that Amber Johns has joined its Translational Team as Project Manager. Together with Concr’s CSO, Dr Uzma Asghar, she will be responsible for the development and delivery of Concr’s translational activities, projects and clinical trials. She will also guide the Regulatory and Compliance Working Group in spearheading Concr’s efforts to implement a robust regulatory strategy and data governance practices.

“We are thrilled to be welcoming Amber to the team. She brings a rare combination of leadership, strategy and technical skills that transcend across oncology research and development.” Emre Misirlioglu, Operations Lead, commented on the appointment. “Amber will have a pivotal role in enabling Concr to further validate its impact and reach by expanding on the current project and partnership capabilities in the translational front.”

“I have spent almost my entire career developing large-scale data sets in cancer research and am delighted that I can contribute to the team at Concr to use this data to impact patients.” said Amber Johns, Translational Project Manager. “Concr has a distinctive approach to tackling the data challenge in cancer and I look towards the not-too-distant future where the latest tools in technology and machine learning are readily available in the clinic.”

Amber has clinical experience in pathology and cytology and her research experience has focused on establishing and coordinating the development of complex, novel, large-scale research projects. She developed and coordinated a national pancreatic cancer biobank network with international linkage and has been instrumental in building the Australian Pancreatic Genome Initiative (APGI).

She has a unique blend of clinical, community and scientific expertise and extensive experience in ethical, policy and societal issues in research. With a proven track record of applying her skill set in various settings with a range of stakeholders, she has been successful in providing a platform for cancer research groups across the world to thrive, through her ability to link research and clinical teams with patient and community groups.

Along with her responsibilities at Concr, Amber is part of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) management committee and advises the Australian Federal Government in relation to genomic sequencing and the return of research results.

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