We embrace collaboration over competition to drive innovation in drug development and healthcare

Our partners leverage Concr advanced predictive modelling across every stage of therapeutic development to create shared value for the benefit of cancer patients.

Who do we partner with?

Concr partnerships are typically shaped around a specific question. We collaborate with:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Diagnostics companies
  • R&D institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Public bodies

Minimal data input

Meaningful and actionable biomarker predictions using 300x less pre-clinical and 7x less clinical data

Focus on early-phase trials

Identify responders at the earliest stage of clinical drug development, mitigating risk of failure

Broad biological intelligence

Single analytical project can generate a wealth of clinically-actionable predictions, including new assets

Proven technology

10+ years of astrophysics research used to model tumour complexity and predict causes of its evolution

Our partners

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Tell us about yourself

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