FarrSight® - a single space for your data solutions

FarrSight® is an individualised secure virtual workspace empowering scientists to effortlessly generate meaningful insights for cost-effective drug development

Our platform effectively integrates diverse data parcels to generate actionable insights, ranging from biomarker discovery to patient outcome prediction in clinical trials

Import, quality-check and store your data in a single place, perform bioinformatic analyses without expert support, and avail of Concr advanced data modelling and predictions – all at your fingertips.

Data management

  • Import, streamline, and store your data in one place
  • Link various parcels together
  • Perform basic data quality checks

Standard analytics

  • Annotate and use your data for simple bioinformatic analyses
  • Build your own datasets from your own, shared, or publicly-available data parcels

Advanced analytics

  • Leverage Concr advanced modelling to answer specific research questions
  • Commission bespoke modelling and prediction projects tailored to your needs

Learn about the unique Concr technology for advanced modelling and predictions

Advanced analytics


Our partners leverage Concr advanced predictive modelling across every stage of therapeutic development to create shared value for the benefit of cancer patients.



Our growth is powered by funding and hands-on support from across three continents.

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