Solving data 
to enable precision diagnostics
for all

To solve cancer, we need to solve data. Despite the abundance of research data, translating this to deliver precision medicine remains challenging.


Over 90% of novel cancer drugs fail early in clinical trials, leading to more and more data being generated, which will yield limited value unless it can be interlinked to generate meaningful biological insights into individualised patient response to therapy.

Concr allows cross-talk between biopharma, diagnostics companies, and healthcare providers by unifying data on a single platform to address meaningful questions in precision oncology.


We adopted established cosmology methods with decades of use to empower iterative learning between disparate sources to integrate limited and sparse data optimally, even with missing data points.


Integrate disparate data and tests from across the pipeline and different indications

Make actionable predictions using 300x less pre-clinical and 7x less clinical data

Assess patient outcome-based added value


Our cloud-based platform effectively integrates diverse data parcels to generate meaningful insights.


Advanced analytics

Translating advanced modelling and predictions using our unique technology for science and clinical research.

Advanced analytics


Our partners leverage Concr advanced predictive modelling across every stage of therapeutic development to create shared value for the benefit of cancer patients.



We teamed up with leading astrophysicists to adapt established algorithms for genuine integration of disparate oncology datasets.


An oncologist, cosmologist and computer scientist walk into a bar…

We are a diverse group of world leaders and pioneers spanning three generations. We have been curated to answer the hardest questions in precision oncology translation and application.

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